Charms for the Urban Hotel Kyoto-Shijo Premium Urban Hotel Kyoto-Shijo Premium

Location Well Situated with Easy Access

Very conveniently situated in the heartof the city, our hotel provides easy access to major local tourist attractions and at the same time serces as a new base for your business.

Breakfast Buffet elaborately prepared by our chefs

Our breakfast buffet offers a vast array of dishes, including breads from the stone oven, delectable rice, obanzai(traditional Kyoto-style home cooking), salad, soup, drinks, and dessert.

Rooms Rooms emanating the ambience of the ancient city of Kyoto

Wooden furnishings combined with gentle lighting impart a sense of warmth. In addition, Simmons beds ensure a good night's sleep and a comfortable stay.

Spa Ultimate relaxation

Our large public bath equipped with a sauna relaxes your mind and body. Enjoy a leisurely soak in the bath with your legs at full stretch.

Topics & Information

Overhaul of our official website and introduction of new reservation system
Urban Hotel Kyoto-Shijo Premium is set to open in 2019.
Urban Hotel Kyoto-Gojo Premium is set to open in 2020.
Free rental smartphones
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